Designer Clémentine is upcycling exceptional kimono textiles into into unique yet wearable accessories.

Clementine’s process always begins with sourcing kimono & obi fabrics from local flea markets. She's particularly sensitive to the aesthetic of Japanese prints which evoke natural phenomena with elegant simplicity and modernity. Her fabric selection process is at first very instinctive. Like blossoming flowers, the designs evolve from experimenting with a combination of prints and hues. Her finishing touch finds modern accents with reflective details and transformable shapes.

Each Mikan design is unique, hand-finished, and orders can be customized upon request. *

In a world where everything can be newly created from scratch, Mikan looks at these discarded materials like witnesses of a timeless beauty. With Mikan, elements of traditional fabric evolve in order to survive our modern times.

Enjoy your visit!

* You see something you like in store but you would like to change the colour? Send an email at with the product reference or the page link and we will present you the latest textiles availables in our atelier.